The Wolfram Physics Project: One Fundamental Physics Theory to Rule Them All

Stephen Wolfram invites the world to take part in his physics project to discover a fundamental theory of everything.
Fabienne Lang
The Wolfram Physics

Physicists unite! Stephen Wolfram, a physicist and entrepreneur, launched The Wolfram Physics Project on Tuesday, which is a project to unveil a fundamental theory of physics. 

Wolfram hopes to bring the minds of physicists around the globe to partake in his project to uncover a theory that ties all other physics theories together: a fundamental theory of everything. 

His project is available to read up on and to partake via his newly created website.  


Fundamental physics for a fundamental theory

Wolfram's strong interest in the idea that fundamental physics will lead to the discovery of a fundamental theory has led him to create this physics project. 

As per Wolfram, the universe can be modeled using points in space and rules that create more points. Thus a network is built. Moreover, he believes that model universes can be built with hypergraphs that describe these networks, and these eventually determine the characteristics of a particular universe. All that's missing, according to Wolfram, is for someone to come up with the correct rules. 

That is the purpose behind his physics project, which enables anyone who is interested to get involved and share their rules. This will create a collaboration of ideas and hopefully lead to a fundamental theory of everything. 

As most of the world is closing its doors due to the coronavirus lockdowns, Wolfram and his team thought about delaying their project. However, as Wolfram noted, most people are stuck at home longingly wanting to use their skills and learn something new and intellectual — this would be one such intellectual way of keeping minds alert and learning during the outbreak. As he noted, some of Isaac Newton's best work was as a result of being self-isolated during the plague.

So, the project was pushed forward and is now live and online

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