The World is Experiencing an Ever Growing Coffee Shortage

Trevor English

COFFEE CUP[Image Source: Jen/ Flickr]

Every engineer loves their morning cup of joe, but your ability to drink the liquid cold may soon gold to an end. Climate change is significantly threatening most areas where coffee beans are grown, and the coffee shortage is already beginning. Australia's Climate Institute has released studies on the matter, predicting that by 2080, wild coffee plants could go completely extinct due to rising temperatures. The only way coffee could survive would be through human intervention in labs and large industrial growing areas. Inevitably though, the price of coffee will be going up over the next years.

Brazil produces over a third of the entire world's coffee beans, according to Gizmodo. Temperatures are drastically on the rise in the large South American country, and their reserve have already been dipping in recent years. Other countries may be able to pick up the slack, but any immediate growth outside of Brazil has been seen to be unsustainable. Brazil is currently experiencing a massive drought, which has begun to affect their coffee production.

COFFEE BEANS[Image Source: Olle/ Flickr]

Spreading out the world's coffee production geographically is probably the best way to go to ensure the immediate supply of the precious bean. With so much being grown in one area, it leaves the entire crop up to weather and disease problems. Another inadvertent effect of this coffee shortage may be that many stores will start producing "fake coffee" with simulated flavor. It's time to start stocking up on coffee beans.