This Man Will Launch Himself in a Homemade Rocket in an Effort to Prove the Earth Is Flat

Mad Mike Hughes is ready to launch his scrap metal rocket in the Mojave desert on Saturday. Its maiden voyage is part of an attempt to prove the earth is flat.
Jessica Miley

Flat-earthers believe our planet earth is a flat plane instead of the globe it has proven to be. While the theory had some vague merit prior to the classical period, many modern flat earth believers are usually lead by a range of conspiracy theories. Flat-earthers are often motivated to undertake questionable experiments to prove their beliefs correctly. These experiments have included taking a spirit level into a plane. The most recent test for the theory comes from flat earth believer, Mike Hughes. The Californian resident has built a rocket in his backyard using scrap metal and plans to launch himself 549 meters into the air to capture proof that the earth is not a globe. The launch will occur in the Mojave Desert and is intended in just the first of a series of launches that will occur in order to gather the evidence needed to prove once and for all that the earth is flat. Hughes hopes to able to get a photograph from the first flight that can provide proof that the earth is actually a flat disc. "It'll shut the door on this ball earth," Hughes said in a video call with the The Daily Plane DOTcom.

Later in the video Hughes discusses common Flat Earth theories including the ideas that NASA is controlled by Freemasons and that Elon Musk has been making fake rockets using blimps. At one stage, Hughes says, "John Glenn and Neil Armstrong are Freemasons. Once you understand that, you understand the roots of the deception." He eventually gets to his point and tells the host that he is preparing his rocket for launch. "We need an individual who's not compromised by the government," the host told Hughes. "And you could be that man." The host urges his listeners to back ‘mad Mikes’ project. The flat earth believers are sketchy on the details of how the earth is actually composed. One common theory is that the earth is a disc ringed by sea ice that traps the ocean inside.

Mad Mike says he doesn't believe in science

Hughes is a long time amateur engineer, aside from his recent foray into rocket building Hughes holds the 2002 record for the longest limousine jump. His next big rocket launch will take place off what he describes as a mobile rocket launcher. The converted trailer will be taken from his house into the desert for the launch. The rocket has been partially funded by other flat-earthers via crowdfunding websites. The launch is set for this coming Saturday, Hughes is reportedly working on modifying the rocket right up until launch and will have no time to test it before the big day. He told online press that he didn’t know too much about rocket building “I don’t believe in science,” said Hughes, “I know about aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and how things move through the air, about the certain size of rocket nozzles, and thrust. But that’s not science, that’s just a formula. There’s no difference between science and science fiction.” We hope he is at least wearing some round earth designed safety gear.