This Mini House in New Zealand is Powered by Solar Panels

An environmentalist couple actually lives in this dream house in the countryside.
Deniz Yildiran

This couple is one of those who are sick of paying ridiculously high amounts of rents who decided to transform their lives into a minimalistic one. And this is what happens when you're also an environmentalist along with a minimalistic attitude. 

Moving out of the city life, Sarah and Jason seemed to have all the investment in this tiny but modern pitch-black house. A tiny house with some solar panels on the ground, not over the roof this time.

Next to their modest structure, it's possible to see these three 300 watt polycrystalline panels. Apparently, the house is off the grid. And it's no surprise though, you might just be able to keep this house quite warm, as it is not a giant cold mansion in the middle of a wasteland.   


 Source: Living Big In A Tiny House/YouTube

Solar houses are the future, it has been said. And there might be a point in that as they do not only generate the energy for one shelter, but they exceed the very amount needed for the whole house, just like these ones in Sweden

So if you have a chance as this couple did, there are plenty of reasons to go solar. 

 Source: Living Big In A Tiny House/YouTube

The house gets its water from a water tank outside the house, which might be a little cumbersome to get it refilled every time it's off. But looks like it's worth living in such a structure. 

The couple uses a composting toilet and they also compost their own food. They do not let anything go to waste, obviously. 

Living room. Source: Living Big In A Tiny House/YouTube

The house is everything they have ever wanted, ticking nine out of ten things on the list Jason says. A small footprint, modern, well insulated, and double gazed are some of the qualifications they have always opted for. 

Little kitchen. Source: Living Big In A Tiny House/YouTube

With an 8x24x14 ft dimension, the house doesn't appear that small. In fact, they were able to fit all the essentials except for a dishwasher, but there is nothing that some reconciliation cannot solve.