This Online Platform Helps You Make the Switch to Renewable Energy

Arcadia is a free online energy saving platform that connects you to lower cost, clean-energy resources.
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Created: 9/14/2018

Using clean energy is the best bet we have to reduce the effects of environmental damage caused by using fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas to power our daily lives. Relying on finite resources is not only an unstable and expensive way to power our homes and cities, using non-renewable resources dramatically damages our own health and the environment. 

Many large companies like Google and Amazon have turned to clean energy to power their operations, luckily they have the resources to make this move not only environmentally sustainable it also benefits them financially. 

Arcadia disrupts the market for your gain

Unfortunately, the average consumer can’t access these vast energy ecosystems - until now. Arcadia Power is helping disrupt the market for the average consumer. 

Here’s how it works: Arcadia Power connects you to an online platform. When you can connect your utility bill, you’re given access to low-cost clean energy programs. 

Once you are connected to the platform Arcadia Power monitors the energy market in your area and pulls the lowest rates from local suppliers to ensure that you consistently get access to the least expensive rates available to you. 

Get informative emails when new offers come available

The free Price Alerts system will let you know when there’s a better option available to you so you can make the most informed choice about how and who you pay for your power. You’ll get an email with your new rate and estimated yearly savings, Arcadia offers a combination of offers and solutions, ranging from wind power to community solar and price alerts. 

Arcadia doesn’t lock you into any long-term contracts and there are no cancellation fees - you can opt out any time. Arcadia can offer this service for free thanks to their negotiating power. 

Due to their large customer base, Arcadia can access clean power priced at 10-25% less than the usual rates. So as the company grows in numbers and strength, so does the affordability of the solutions. 

No transaction fees and no long contracts

The system is simple and continuous. As long as you stay connected to the Arcadia Power energy platform, you’re sent new plans once there’s a price drop for a better solution in your area, which you can opt-in for or not. 

And once your contract expires, Price Alerts runs the whole process again. Arcadia Power offers utility billing at no transaction fee, meaning members can earn credit card rewards points every time they pay their bill, so paying for your clean energy will reward you twice. Sign up for free here today and get a $20 coupon.

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