Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut YouTuber, will be going to space

He is a crew member of the dearMoon project
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Tim Dodd will be flying to the moon
Tim Dodd will be flying to the moon

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Tim Dodd is one of eight artists chosen for the dearMoon project, which will take a SpaceX rocket around the Moon. Tim became a crew member some time ago, but he is making the announcement now.

Where his journey started

Born on February 27, 1985 he is best known for being a YouTuber, calling himself the Everyday Astronaut, and bringing space down to Earth. He began recording videos about space travel in 2017, and the talking about the advances SpaceX and others are making today.

He bought a spacesuit 7 years ago as a joke, and today he has over 1.2 million followers who he teaches rocket science on YouTube.

The dearMoon project

Dodd says in his announcement video that he was first inspired to make videos with the SpaceX announcement, in 2017, that the interstellar company was going to be offering paid trips around the moon. This initiative changed to a crew taking the flights, and in 2018 a Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa purchased all the seats on the first paid flight to the Moon.

The formal announcement

The dearMoon project was officially announced in 2021. It was Maezawa's hope that the announcement would encourage many talented individuals to send in videos for the eight slots that were open. Eight lucky people would be going, and it turns out Tim Dodd was one of the eight tapped for the honor.

"I'm scared of going to the moon," Dodd said in the announcement video. "I never thought in a million years I would be flying around the Moon."

What Tim was up against

Becoming one of the eight artists chosen to be a crew member was a task too great for Dodd to focus on. One million people sent in video taped introductions, all claiming to being the best for the mission. He made his video and sent it in, never thinking he had any chance.

On most days you can find Tim working on new video lessons for his followers on YouTube. He said in his announcement video that he is still shocked he was chosen, and its going to take some time to sink in.

He is now prepping for the trip and making more videos

He worked on a short video to let people see how he is preparing for his trip, and tweeted on Twitter.

Tim's careers

Tim Dodd started his career as a motorcycle mechanic, while on the side he was into photography. The photography took hold and he began shooting weddings for a living. He took several jobs photographing SpaceX rocket launches and eventually turned the camera on himself.

The website Spaceflight Now hired Tim to photograph a the launch of a cargo flight to the International Space Station the SpaceX's CRS-3 mission, NASA's Orion test flight, and the USAF GPS 2F-9 as well as NASA's OA-6 mission in early 2016.

During the trip

Tim wants to record his experience, as it happens, and even do a live stream from orbiting the Moon. He's not sure he can, but he is hopeful.

The crew leader is Maezawa himself, and he says of the trip, that he is thrilled to have amazing people to join him on his journey to the moon.

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