Tiny Puppy Born with Green Fur in Italy

You just can't help falling in love with this extremely rare case.
Fabienne Lang
Little PistachioInside Edition/YouTube

In an extremely rare event, a little puppy was born with green fur.

The tiny dog, aptly named Pistachio, was born in a litter of five other, white puppies on an Italian farm on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, per ABC News.

Pistachio was the only puppy born with colored fur on October 9th. 


Possible explanations

One of the reasons a typically light-colored puppy could be born with green fur is if it comes into contact with a green pigment called biliverdin in its mother's womb. This green color is what turns our bruises a greenish color. 

Tiny Puppy Born with Green Fur in Italy
Pistachio's light green shade is noticeable compared with his siblings. Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Another potential option is that the meconium finds itself in the puppy's amniotic sac and ends up staining the puppy's fur through the amniotic liquid. Meconium is an infant mammal's first poo, made up of digested nutrients from its mother while still in the womb. 

Even though this green-furred puppy is a very rare case, this type of fur staining has happened before. 

From that, we know that Pistachio's green fur won't stick with him forever. His owner, who has deicided to keep him at the farm and give away his siblings, has already noticed that every day, Pistachio's green fur lightens. Soon, he'll look just like his other siblings with sparkling white fur. 

Tiny Puppy Born with Green Fur in Italy
Pistachio displaying his green fur. Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

In Italy, the color green is associated with luck and hope, so Cristian Mallocci, Pistachio's proud new father, has stated to ABC News that perhaps his wee puppy was brought into the world during these trying times to put a smile on people's faces. 

We believe that Mallocci may be right, as it's certainly smacked a grin on our faces.

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