UN Launches Video Game To Raise Awareness for Ozone Layer

The game aims to show young people who are anxious about the future what can be achieved through collective action.
Derya Ozdemir
A visual from the Reset Earth animation.Provided by the United Nations Ozone Secretariat

In times where doom and gloom reigns, any sliver of hope regarding the climate crisis we are in is greatly appreciated. The ozone layer stands as a rare success story among our many failures, and the United Nations has just launched a game to get teenagers more aware of the importance of protecting it, according to a press release provided by the United Nations Environment Programme.

The project, called "Reset Earth," also includes an original animated film that was premiered on Jan. 24, World Education Day, and is produced by the UN Environment Program’s Ozone Secretariat.

The game is aimed to appeal to teenagers while informing them, and it accomplished this mission by using everyone's and their mothers' favorite genre: time travel.

A future where the Montreal Protocol never came into effect

Scientists Joe Farman, Brian Gardiner, and Jonathan Shanklin made a sobering discovery almost four decades ago that shocked humanity to its core: The ozone layer, which is a thin part of the atmosphere that protects the Earth from harmful levels of UV radiation, had developed a hole over Antarctica as a result of human activities.

This major environmental problem appalled the world and launched nations into action with the ratification of the Montreal Protocol. And now, the ozone layer is finally recovering thanks to the joint effort of countries of the world, serving as a rare global success story in the climate crisis.

The game Reset Earth tries to show what Earth could have been like if the nations hadn't acted to preserve the ozone layer and signed the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in 1987. 

The ozone layer has been completely ruined in this dystopian world set in 2084, and human life is under threat due to an unstoppable virus called "The Grow." Three teenagers team up for a time-travel adventure where they attempt to uncover the secrets of the past and race against time to save the planet and humanity. The goal is simple: Go back in time to ensure the signing of the Montreal Protocol agreement and save the ozone layer.

UN Launches Video Game To Raise Awareness for Ozone Layer
Provided by the United Nations Ozone Secretariat.

Reset Earth campaign is the first step in a year-long education initiative by the Ozone Secretariat. In order to raise awareness and get adolescents into action, Reset Earth sets a pretty good example of what can be achieved through collective action in a time where many young people are anxious about the future of our planet. 

UN Launches Video Game To Raise Awareness for Ozone Layer
Provided by the United Nations Ozone Secretariat.

You can find the Reset Earth film down below:

The mobile game is available for both iOS and Android.


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