Viral Video Shows SpaceX Starlink Satellites in Night Sky over Netherlands

After their launch this week, SpaceX's Starlink satellites are making a big impression to those of us on the ground lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them in the night sky over the Netherlands.
John Loeffler

SpaceX's new Starlinks satellites have already made news once this week with their successful launch on Thursday evening, but as the stack of satellites begins to separate and fan out in their orbit, lucky Netherlander's were treated to an amazing view of a train of orbiting satellites in the night sky.

The video, captured by photographer Marco Langbroek, Shows the line of satellites speeding through the sky at close to 16,000 mph, more than 260 miles above the Earth's surface. Successfully launched from the Falcon 9 rocket after an almost two week delay, the 60 Starlink satellites are only the first of several additional launches of similar size with the ultimate goal of launching a little over 11,000 Starlink satellites by the middle of next decade.