Volkswagen's all electric office chair can cruise at 12.4 mph

It comes with a horn, headlights, heated seats, a 360-degree camera, and more.
Ayesha Gulzar
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Volkswagen all electric chair

Volkswagen (VW) built a high-tech office chair that can cruise up to 12.4mph (20 kph). The all-electric chair aims to make the day of office workers more amusing. It comes complete with an electric motor, headlights, a horn, an entertainment system, and even a trailer hitch. While all of this makes it look like an office chair from the future, it has been designed to show off the brilliant features of Volkswagen commercial vehicles.

The office chair comes with headlights, a rearview camera, and a 12km range

The one-of-a-kind chair has an estimated range of 7.5 miles (12 km) on a single charge, meaning you can drive from meeting to meeting without fear of the battery running low. With a top speed of 12.4 mph (20 kph), you will have no problem being the first to reach the conference room.

The chair features LED lighting, providing a recognizable Volkswagen appeal. It also has a multi-colored "work party" function to make office hours livelier, especially for those working overtime.

And that's not all; the chair has an infotainment system that will keep you informed on what's happening with the chair. It includes a rearview camera that allows you to reverse safely without bumping into anyone and 360-degree sensors to maneuver tight spaces.

Oh, and there's a horn in case of a traffic jam at the coffee machine. And a seat belt to strap in for your safety.

It also has storage space

Storage issues? Not a problem. The office chair comes with a handy storage space at the back. It's enough to fit a laptop and other important documents for the meeting. More documents than the trunk can handle. Volkswagen has also given it a trailer hitch so you can easily drag documents or your work buddy around the office.

The chair is designed to give office workers the vibe of what it feels like to sit in a Volkswagen van or car. Instead of going for the typical four wheels of an office chair, Volkswagen added another wheel for a total of five rolling wheels finished with 4-in solid aluminum rims.

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Only two of the wheels power the machine, but given that the chair is intended for office use, you shouldn't exactly be using it to tackle much in the way of rough terrain.

Feel like vibing with music? You don't need to plug headphones into your smartphone. With this chair, you can load up the songs from the built-in entertainment system on the side.

Other unique touches include a built-in heater and a USB charger. It's covered in a luxury finish that has a VW logo embossed into it.

While all of this sounds exciting, unfortunately, the office chair isn't actually for sale. There will be a limited number of test drive opportunities, but they will only be offered in Norway. According to Volkswagen, the chair is only an exhibition model.

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