Warner Music signs a record deal with first AI pop singer

The digital singer, Noonoouri, released her debut single 'Dominoes' on September 1.
Sejal Sharma
AI singer Noonoouri
AI singer Noonoouri


Instagram influencer Noonoouri never ages, never gets tired and never sleeps. She also doesn’t eat anything and can grow a pack of abdominal muscles on a whim. She also only exists as a digital entity on the internet.

And she’s just released her debut single, ' Dominoes’, after signing a record deal with Warner Music Central Europe. Noonoouri is a first-of-its-kind digital influencer to secure a major record deal.

She has a full face with unbelievably wide eyes and a tiny nose - trademarks of conventional and unattainable beauty standards. According to her profile on Virtual Humans, she's vegan, advocates for sustainable fashion, and doesn’t wear furs when campaigning for a fashion brand.

Response to the song

Noonoouri's voice sounds a bit raspy. People who have listened to songs sung by humans will immediately be able to tell that her voice has, at least, been auto-tuned.

One X user wrote, "Looks and sounds like plastic."

According to the Independent, the creators used artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create Noonoouri’s singing voice. The voice was based on a real singer but was altered to give Noonoouri her unique voice. The lyricists, singers, and musicians who have worked on the song will receive royalties and publishing splits just like musicians do in other non-AI-generated songs.

The song also features German DJ and producer Alle Farben and is available to listen here.

Noonoouri’s claim to fame

Noonoouri has had a more successful career in modeling than most struggling models in New York today. Her first public appearance was in 2018 at the New York Fashion Week when she was 18. Five years later, she’s still 18 years old. Noonoouri has worked with Dior, Valentino, and MiuMiu, and she's also appeared in a contouring beauty tutorial for Kim Kardashian’s beauty line, KKW Beauty.

Germany-based CGI artist Joerg Zuber created Noonoouri. According to reports, Zuber was five years old when he discovered Vogue and was pulled into the fashion world. Zuber’s love for fashion and beauty led him to create Noonoouri, through which he has been able to attach his name to the top-name fashion houses in the world.

Over 400k Instagram followers

Zuber's digital entity had over 403K followers on Instagram when writing this article. And her song Dominoes has garnered over 50,000 views on YouTube.

Digital models such as Noonoouri are making a lot of money for their creators. Take 23-year-old Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie's example. She’s created an AI version of herself with the help of a firm that converses with people online and charges $1/minute for it. She claims she can easily make $5 million monthly from talking to people online.

The details of the record deal have not been made public. According to the Filipino Times, Noonoouri earns around $1,800 per sponsored post, less than the annual income in many underdeveloped and developing nations. It is estimated that Noonoouri earns about $2.6 million annually.

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