Watch as SpaceX's Starship Test Tank Blows Up into the Air

The spectacular explosion was on purpose.
Fabienne Lang

If you're looking to see what happens when a massive rocket test tank explodes, read on. 

SpaceX's humongous Starship test tank was deliberately blown up late on Tuesday night in the U.S. at the company's Boca Chica site in Texas. The entire process was part of a pressure test. 

The test tank is SpaceX's most recent one, the SN7.1, which was being used to test a new steel alloy, per Futurism.

You can watch the entire test below, where you'll notice the sky-filling white plumes of smoke take over the entire test site during and after the impressive explosion. 


Fourth explosion

This was SpaceX's fourth ever test tank destruction, which is carried out to determine Starship's development's next steps. 

In fact, this is the second time the company has tried to destroy SN7.1, after a failed attempt earlier in the month on September 17th, as reported by Teslarati. This time around, though, the test was successful.

This isn't SpaceX's first rodeo when it comes to tank explosions. Back on June 24th, SpaceX also carried out a successful explosion of SN7.1's predecessor, SN7. SN7 was meant to test the steel alloy of the Starship spacecraft's cryogenic fuel tanks.

Given these test tanks are meant to be powerful enough to jolt 100 people, or the equivalent in cargo or payloads, up into space, these are big contraptions to destroy, let alone doing so in a safe way. 

Tuesday marked an important milestone in SpaceX's goal to send people and cargo to the Moon and to Mars in the coming years. 

Keep your ears and eyes open for the company's next steps. Its SN8 prototype spacecraft is due to launch 60,000 feet up in the air and back down safely this week.

For starters, though, take a look at SN7.1 blowing up earlier this week: 


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