This is What Happens to Your Body After Drinking Soda

Trevor English
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Soda is consumed by a large majority of people around the world, not only because it can sometimes be cheaper than water, but also because it is just so delicious and sweet. There may be a problem to drinking sodas or even just eating foods that contain high-fructose corn syrup. According to The Renegade Pharmacist, and many other doctors, high-fructose corn syrup may be what is causing the obesity epidemic across the world. If you have tried to lose weight by sticking to a strict diet, but it still didn't work, you're not alone. However, your obedience to your diet may not be the problem, rather it's those sugary drinks you have with meals. You have probably heard of what happens to your body when you ingest as much sugar and corn syrup that is contained in a soda, but the evidence is increasing that sodas are not good for your health.

As it turns out, fructose is not like sugar. Sure, it may be sweet and taste the same, but to your body, they are very different compounds. Your cells thrive off of breaking down glucose, but your body gets confused by fructose and it ends up being broken down just like ethanol (alcohol in drinks), without the effects. As the liver breaks down fructose, it creates all sorts of bad fats, which is likely the cause of many's continued weight gain. Check out the infographic below to see a little more about how your body responds to soda in the first hour after drinking it.

cocacola infographic[Image Source: The Renegade Pharmacist]

After seeing all that, it is no wonder why many of Americans, and even those across the globe suffer from heart failure and obesity. Soda companies have spent a lot of money convincing people that the harm of soda is far outweighed by the delicious taste, and it seems to be working. One thing you may not know about drinking Coke, is that it actually dehydrates you. This may seem impossible given that you are ingesting liquid, but it actually takes your body more water to digest and break down everything in soda, than what is in the can to begin with.

Many of you will read this and continue on drinking sugary drinks, but while the consequences may be long term, think about what the fructose is doing to your body. There are more natural ways to get your daily caffeine intake, and once you quit soda, you will soon find your energy and metabolism performing better and you will crave fewer sweets.

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