See What Happens to Molten Copper in a Coconut

If you like fire, molten hot metal and the occasional coconut drink, then check out what happens when you pour molten copper into a coconut!
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When you mix molten metal with random objects, endless amount of fun and entertainment is created as you watch the metal react in all sorts of ways. You probably have never wondered what pouring molten copper into a hollowed out coconut would look like, but it's actually pretty intriguing.  Youtuber Tito4re has many videos where he pours molten metal into various fruits and even onto a McDonald's Big Mac! Check out what copper does inside of a coconut in the video below.

The first step of filling a coconut with molten copper is, of course, drilling a hole and pouring out the coconut milk. After melting down some copper in a forge, you can pour the flowing metal into the coconut and watch the whole thing sputter! It's pretty crazy to watch a coconut shake around like it is getting ready to explode right in front of you.

Once the copper is all done making a mess, the Youtuber pours water over the still hot metal in order to cool it down so he can remove it from its coconut casing. With a trusty hammer, he then breaks the mold out of the shell to reveal . . . a deformed coconut shaped copper blob, yay science!

The internet is a marvelous place where people can make a living simply by pouring really hot things into normal temperature things, and that's cool. While copper and a coconut may not have made the coolest thing ever, Aluminum does some awesome stuff when poured into a tank of clear polymer balls.

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