World's First 4K Video Streaming Platform from Space

Space Exploration Network announces its successful 4K video streaming platform in orbit.
Fabienne Lang

Sen, an acronym for 'Space Exploration Network,' founded by Charles Black in 2014, has the vision to democratize space through distinctive video perspectives of our ever-evolving world. In doing so, on 19 May the company announced and displayed its first incredibly sharp and clear 4K video streaming platform from space. 


The platform is set on a satellite that has been manufactured by S.P.Korolev Rocket and Space Public Corporation Energia (RSC Energia). The latter plan on using Sen's video-streaming platform on spacecraft that are being developed for the future.

Six video cameras streaming from space

A first of its kind, the platform boasts six video cameras and the Sen Video Unit complete with a computer system used to operate the cameras and to process the video data. 

All systems were designed, developed, and built by Sen.

Six 4K videos were streamed simultaneously to offer precise information about the spacecraft. Two of these cameras are directed and steered robotically to snap and stream various viewpoints, as well as display a wide shot of Earth.

"We’ve spent years planning and developing the technology to stream real-time 4K video from space, so it's a great achievement to have our first successful mission. The mission is our tech demonstration of the world’s first 4K video from a satellite and the world’s most powerful video platform ever to operate in space," founder and CEO of Sen, Black says in a statement.