World's Strongest Outboard to Beat Electric Powerboat Speed Record

The company aims to beat the electric powerboat top speed world record in November.
Chris Young
The photo credit line may appear like thisVision Marine Technologies

Montreal-based Vision Marine Technologies has announced this week that it will partner with Hellkats Powerboats to attempt to break the world record for the fastest all-electric boat, currently held by the Jaguar V20E racing boat at 88.6 mph (142.5 km/h).

The Montreal firm, which unveiled its E-Motion 180E powertrain system back in May, said it will rig a Hellkats 32' Super-Sport Widebody Catamaran with a twin application of its E-Motion outboard.

The limited edition "Fulgura I", fitted with the twin E-Motion powertrain, will hit the water in November 2021. 

"My team and I are extremely excited to partner with Hellkats. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase the capability, reliability and power of our E-Motion powertrain," Alexandre Mongeon, co-founder and CEO of Vision Marine, stated in the company's press release.

World's Strongest Outboard to Beat Electric Powerboat Speed Record
An illustration of the Fulgura I, with the twin E-Motion outboard system. Source: Vision Marine Technologies

By reaching a top speed higher than 100 mph (161 km/h), Vision Marine not only aims to smash the current high speed record for electric powerboats, it also wants to get closer to competing with the traditional ICE boating industry — for reference, the fastest ICE powerboat, the Spirt of Australia holds the ICE world speed record at an impressive 317.6 mph (511 km/h).

Disrupting the traditional boating system

Vision Marine has long been focused on disrupting the traditional boating industry in the pursuit of cleaner waterways. The company's E-Motion powertrain was built to help enable zero pollution, zero emission, noiseless boating. 

Though Vision Marine and Hellkats Powerboats may be about to shatter the world speed record for an electric boat, they face healthy competition when it comes to electric boats aimed at taking on the ICE industry — X Shore, for example, recently announced its luxury Eelex electric boat, with Rolls-Royce propellors and hydrodynamic drivetrain modularity, aimed at providing a silent ride, enabling passengers to enjoy the sound of the waves.

Vision Marine says it E-Motion is "the first fully electric purpose-built outboard powertrain system that combines an advanced battery pack, inverter, and high-efficiency motor with proprietary union assembly between the transmission and the electric motor design utilizing extensive control software."

After the world record event in November, the "Fulgura I" will be auctioned off, according to Vision Marine, with all proceeds going to charities aimed at cleaning the world's oceans and waterways.


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