Your New Password Could be the Echo Your Skull Makes

Trevor English

Coming up with your own unique password that fits the rules of every website can be pretty frustrating, but it may be a thing of the past. A new device claims that through the use of integrated speakers, it can receive a specific skull conduction echo that will be unique to the user. This of course means that signing in to your computer, or any of your devices, may become as simple as holding your head up to a speaker.

skull paswords[Image Source: Skull Conduct]

"We present SkullConduct, a biometric system that uses bone conduction of sound through the user’s skull as well as a microphone readily integrated into many of these devices, such as Google Glass. At the core of SkullConduct is a method to analyze the characteristic frequency response created by the user’s skull." ~ SkullConduct Technical Paper

The device will play a specific sound pattern that will then reverberate back to the receiving speaker, and this reverberation will vary based on the size of skull and bone density. Skull Conduct didn't focus on too many people, as the study only entailed 10 different users, but the results demonstrate promise in the industry, according to Popular Science. Google Glass and its built in speaker was used for this technological development, which exhibits the fact that this skull conduction device could be integrated into many current electronics.

This interesting biometric password system was created by a team of researchers at the University of Stuttgart, Saarland University,and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, all in Germany. When users were invited to take their glasses on and off throughout the day, the device was able to be unlocked around 97% of the time.

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HOW WORK SKULL ECHOS[Image Source: Skull Conduct]

Being able to unlock devices by simply having a sensor read the echoes from by skull would be a lot better than having to find the perfect position for your finger on a biometrics scanner. What do you think, will skull echoes be the future of passwords or will it be some other new form of biometric reading?

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