Zero G to offer 'zero-gravity music concerts' on board modified Boeing 727

Florida firm looks to diversify its range of zero-gravity experiences.
Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji Bello
ZeroG offers weightless experiences
ZeroG offers weightless experiences on a specially modified Boeing 727

Zero G 

If you're looking for something a little different to entertain your friends with at your next big party, a new idea from Zero-G Corporation could be just the ticket.

The zero-gravity space tourism company has unveiled plans to offer a series of one-of-a-kind, zero-gravity music concerts on board its specially-adapted aircraft, G-Force One.

Zero-G has been experimenting with space entertainment and tourism from its base in Exploration Park, Florida, since it was established in 1993. Its flagship aircraft, G-Force One, is a modified Boeing 727-200 that has provided passengers with microgravity flights since 2004.

Some of the many notable personalities to board G-Force One include the likes of Martha Stewart, Stephen Hawking and Buzz Aldrin.

The company's new venture is slated to kick off later this year with an extraordinary concert series that will have music enthusiasts floating on air—quite literally.

According to Greg Melon, director of marketing: "This all started as an unexpected casual conversation we were having with members of the company tossing around wild "what-if?" ideas and throwing everything out there."

They eventually came up with the notion of turning G-Force One into a concert venue. He said “We already had the set-up and we did it once before. After chewing on the idea for two weeks afterward, it seemed like it had legs."

During the concerts, passengers will be treated to live music performances while experiencing reduced gravity, courtesy of parabolic flights.

How will the concerts work?

Zero-G Corporation has been a pioneer in the way that people can experience weightlessness, without having to blast off into space. Currently, the company is the only commercial provider offering individuals a chance to enjoy the sensation of zero gravity at a reasonable cost.

The flights aboard G-Force One last approximately 100 minutes and include fifteen parabolas, with each parabola providing 30 seconds of reduced gravity. This allows passengers to experience the weightless sensation in a controlled environment, without needing to venture beyond Earth's atmosphere.

Zero G to offer 'zero-gravity music concerts' on board modified Boeing 727
No Gravity

In order to achieve these parabolic flights, G-Force One's advanced hydraulic system has been revamped to maintain continuous pressure during the FAA-approved parabolic maneuvers. The aircraft's interior has also been redesigned to maximize passenger comfort and safety.

Passenger seats are located at the rear of the aircraft, providing ample floating space that is divided into sections and padded from floor to ceiling.

As Zero-G Corporation hosts more concerts, they have plans to expand on the variety of performances that can be enjoyed in a zero-gravity environment.

The only question remains is which bands will be taking part in the series? More on that as we hear it.

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