Sony's PS5 Laid Bare: 'Seamless' Remote Play and Dramatically Faster Loading Times

Just don't hold your breath quite yet.

Sony's newest generation gaming console, the PS5, will offer 'seamless' Remote Play cloud gaming, and 'dramatically improved graphics rendering', as directly said from the horse's mouth during their latest Corporate Strategy meeting.

The biggest draw will be the increased mobile functionality of the next Play Station Remote Play as it will move the console experience to a streaming one.


The current PS4 already has this to boast; however, Sony emphasizes the loading speed will dramatically improve. Even though Sony is still keeping some information under wraps, it strongly emphasizes it will play a larger role in the future of its gaming.

Sony PlayStation
PlayStation Sony Source: Sony 

Remote play time

On top of 'anytime, anywhere' cloud-gaming plans for the PS5, already available in the current PS4, allowing players to stream a game directly from the console to your laptop, smartphone, tablet or PS handheld console, Sony promises, fervently, that it is using the latest technologies to improve the performance. 

In speaking of speed, the use of customized SSDs for storage rather than hard drives will be another attribute of the PS5. Sony displayed how the next-gen console will be ten times faster than its present one, rendering extremely fast streaming times. 

According to Mark Cerny from Sony, its lead system architect, it will be backward compatible with the PS4, but not any previous console generations. Good news for those looking to keep their existing VR headsets.

Reflection Pad Gaming
Reflection Black Dualshock Sony  Source: Tookapic/ Pexels

When, what, how?

With all that being said, it still remains to be shared exactly when the new product will come out, what it will be called and how much it will cost. Hold onto your wallets and breaths for now, and be prepared for a speedy experience in the (hopefully) near future.

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