Space Trip To the ISS Will Be Awarded as Prize in a New Reality TV Contest

The series will air on a global streaming platform with a broadcast partner in each country.

There are times we get addicted to reality TV shows and contests, dying to know who's got to win the big prize. 

Buckle up, people. In this new show you'll get to see your favorite contestant in the space.

10 days in the ISS

A private company called Space Hero Inc., aka. the first space media company, will air a reality show competition with the same name, Space Hero. The contestants are to be selected globally from different backgrounds. The only stipulation for the contestants is a love for space exploration, reports Deadline. And apparently, the biggest prize awarded on TV will be a 10-day stay at the ISS. No matter what your background is, you are welcome to give it a shot. 


It is not known how many candidates will compete yet, but one thing's for sure: there will be extensive challenges for competitors to test their physical, mental, and emotional strength. So if you're willing to join in, you might have to consider a couple of conditions laid down.

A huge project with a couple of collaborators

Space Hero will collaborate with Axiom Space, the first manufacturer of a private module for the ISS where the private astronauts can stay. And the avid aerospace company is led by Mike Suffredini, a former ISS program manager at NASA. Axiom Space plans to do a lot for the show to run flawlessly as it will broker the trip, train the astronauts, secure the rocket seat, and cover the insurance.  

The lucky winner will be taken to the ISS at a 17,000 mph (27,350 km/h) speed with professional astronauts accompanying them.


The adventurous trip is set to take place in 2023. The competitors will be voted worldwide in the last episode to choose the winner, per Deadline. And currently, The Space Hero is negotiating with NASA for a possible partnership regarding the ISS initiatives.

H/T: Deadline
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