Spend Jeff Bezos' Money, Live Like a Billionaire on Fantasy Website

This website lets everyone fantasize a day in the life of a billionaire — imagine if Jeff Bezos decided to bring his bank account down to zero.

Imagine waking up as Jeff Bezos today and venturing through the internet with billions in the bank account. This website lets you live the fantasy of being wildly rich. New decisions would rule the morning — instead of working-from-home, users can simulate buying a private jet for $1.2 million, or even end homelessness for $20 billion.

Redditor named Paul McBurney Jr. created a website that shows the total net worth of billionaires we often hear about — providing a broader perspective of the global economy. Jeff Bezos, for example, is worth $147.2 billion, according to a recent report.


Jeff Bezos Net Worth
The choose-your-billionaire page is surreal. Source: Github

Website lets users 'play' with Jeff Bezos' money

Depending on the situation, hours could pass imagining what it's like to live the life of a billionaire, as old decisions are replaced by new ones perusing the high life of regular visitors to the Hamptons — and wondering how on Earth one could ever bring those 10-digit bank accounts down to a more familiar zero.

As of writing, the website includes Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Mike Bloomberg, Donald Trump, and even the Federal Government. Sadly there's no listing for a Falcon 9 rocket, nor has Elon Musk hasn't joined the ranks of virtual billionaires whose money is now optioned for public fantasy expenditure.

Jets Squad Cars Empire State Fantasy Buy
Jets, squad cars, and Falcon-9 rocket, 'oh my.' Source: Github

Billionaires probably don't like this fantasy website

While the accuracy of some prices is questionable, the coder estimates that a user could end world hunger 120 consecutive times and still have enough money to buy three pizzas per day for a lifetime.

McDonald's Pizza Hut Doctors
One could buy McDonald's, the business, and a pizza before paying for surgery. Source: Github

You can buy numerous items like skittles, Toyota Sienna, cranes, college education, mansions, and cruise ships. However, believe us when we tell you that it takes a lot of time to burn all that money. If only our bank accounts were this hard to get down to zero.

Tigers Amazon Skyscrapers
Buy a tiger, everything on Amazon, and even a skyscraper (because why not). Source: Github

Another Redditor said something notable: "It also would be very interesting to convert all the prices according to savings of a normal person [— T]hat would be more relatable." According to the Redditor, a if a normal person were a billionaire, buying a private jet might only be a small percentage of one's total net worth.

Considering the vast fortune behind Jeff Bezos' name— it's dizzying to think that what it means for an average American to spend a dollar isn't so far away from the way Bezos might feel about parting with a cool $1.3 million.

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