Swedish Maker Creates 8-Rotor Flying Chair

Swedish Maker Creates 8-Rotor Flying Chair

Talk about making the commute to work a breeze. A Swedish maker has created a chair that flies using 8 rotors and is controllable by the rider. This machine isn't technically a drone because it carries a rider, but it is equally as incredible to see a DIY machine like this. Unlike many multi-rotor flying machines, this flying chair uses small combustion engines to power the rotors, thus allowing for more HP per blade as opposed to electric power. Many similar electric powered flying machines require upwards of 50 rotors, which make for quite the wiring mess. Check out all this machine can do below.

Instead of just creating the device, the YouTuber behind the flying machine has uploaded a 12 part video series about everything he has done in the production process. The platform this man has created is rather robust, which is in sharp contrast to the flimsy flying machines powered by electric motors. Theoretically, if you had enough time and money, you could create your own personal hovercraft. With the availability of quadcopters and other parts, finding exactly what you need would be fairly easy.

flying chair[Image Source: Amazing DIY Projects]

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