Teach Your Kids to Code with 4 STEM-Approved Game Courses on Java and Python

Learn how to code by engineering your very own video games.

Want to teach your kids to code in a fun and entertaining way? Why not show them how to make their own games?

The Coding for Youth Games Bundle for Ages 11 to 18 does just that with four educational games created using Java and Python. There is no better way to learn to code than by engineering your very own games.

First up is Minecraft Mods in Java. This feature teaches you and your kids how to create custom Items and Blocks, Weapons and Tools, Armor and Shields, and Mobs and Special Items. You can also work in a real Java IDE called IntelliJ and share your mod with your friends.

Next up is JavaScript Game Design. This course teaches you how to code games using JavaScript and play them in a web browser even if you have no prior coding experience. The course takes you step by step through coding your own pong game, fish game, platform game, and then finally your own custom JavaScript game.

Third is JavaScript Tower Design where you and your kids build a multi-level Tower Defense game while learning about more advanced coding concepts such as function arguments, math methods, automation, intelligence, objects, arrays, and much more. Finally, Python Coding for Kids covers all the techniques that make Python so unique and useful.

Give your kids an early start on Java and Python and prepare them for promising careers with this bundle now only $79.99— over 84% off its usual price. 

Prices are subject to change.

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