Tesla Cuts Number of Car Paint Options Available to Boost Productivity

“Metallic Silver” and “Obsidian Black” will no longer be offered to Tesla customers after September 21.

Tesla will reduce the number of paint options available for the Model S, Model X and Model 3 in a bid to improve production efficiency. The electric car manufacturer has warned customers that they have a small window of opportunity to order the colors before its too late. 

CEO of Tesla has previously noted how the paint shop at the Fremont factory has become a bottleneck for their ambitions production plans. Now it seems that in order to ramp up production of the popular Model 3, only a limited number of colors will be offered to customers.

Tesla removes colors to hit targets

This isn’t the first time Tesla has cut back on paint colors, they did the same thing last June. Tesla has sent an email to vehicle reservation holders and other potential buyers outlining the plan for the removal of "Metallic Silver" and "Obsidian Black." 

“In order to increase our production, delivery and service efficiency, we will be removing Metallic Silver and Obsidian Black Metallic as paint options from our online vehicle configurators for Model S, Model X and Model 3. This will be effective on Thursday, September 13, 2018, after which Metallic Silver and Obsidian Black Metallic will be offered only as limited edition colors via special request at a cost of $2,000 only until Friday, September 21, 2018," the email reads.

Limited time to order black and silver models

Customers who have their hearts set on those colors have until Thursday, September 13, 2018, to order them at current cost, then one more week to order them as a “special request” for $2,000 instead of the current $1,500 price before they are removed completely. Tesla hasn’t been able to get producing 5,000 cars this quarter. 

But recent moves show they are keen to get as many Teslas on the road as possible. Other new strategies include offering already produced cars for immediate delivery to customers even if they don’t match their original order. 


How Tesla Paints Your Model 3 Vehicle

Musk has made it clear that increasing production and getting cars into the hands of owners is a priority for the company this quarter. All these latest moves seem to be great news for Tesla fans, many of whom have had to endure extended wait times on Model 3’s as the carmaker battled initial production problems. 

With the worst of the problems seemingly behind Tesla, it seems that they should be well on their way to finally fulfill their ambitious targets as long as they can stay out of trouble.

Tesla has been under fire for the pressure it places on workers to achieve the high targets with Musk and the company being accused of rubbing out union activity and firing workers who complain of poor conditions.


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