Tesla Hacker Uncovers Augmented Reality View in Autopilot

The noted hacker previewed the cool new features of Tesla's autopilot.

Tesla Hacker Uncovers Augmented Reality View in Autopilot
The augmented reality view green/Twitter

Famous Tesla hacker-owner green has uncovered the "Autopilot Augmented Vision," a new mode part of the company's autonomous driving feature.

Sharing the discoveries on a Twitter thread, green showed how once the Augmented Reality (AR) vision is on, Tesla owners can see what their EVs see in real-time.

His Twitter thread shared over five minutes of footage of his Tesla in the activated mode, displaying exactly what Tesla Autopilot can see. 


As per green, Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta has "tons of dead code" in it, and some of his observations included interesting names such as "coast2coast," and "map selection."

Tesla released its FSD beta for a limited number of owners in October, who were allowed to test the feature. As per green's findings, however, these only showed a small number of features — which green has now uncovered. 

Some of the features green discovered have yet to be released, which include "California Stop," "California Boost," and "Chiropractor Adjust Skeleton." None of these have been explained in full and may never even see the light of day. 

If everything goes to plan, a wider release of the FSD beta could be shared by the end of the year. 

Take a look at green's discovery in his Twitter thread, as they appear online: 



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