Tesla Owners Offer To Volunteer During Deliveries

Some existing Tesla owners have offered to help train new customers during deliveries. What could this mean for the electric carmaker?

To those who are fans of the company, the recent news that Tesla owners have offered to help the company is nothing new. For instance, so-called 'super' owners have often promoted the company and its vehicles in the past.


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This led to Tesla offering existing owners and fans a referral program to boost the company's sales. Other existing owners have also recently offered to help with Tesla deliveries, often free of charge. 

The latest development is that those existing Tesla owners are willing to offer their time, for free, to help new customers grow accustomed to the features of their brand new vehicle.

Happy customers are more than willing to help Tesla out

Other recent news about the company includes its efforts to boost sales by supplying free supercharging to inventory cars and their Model 3s. The idea is that this would offer enough of an incentive to bring in new customers as they rush toward their recent financial quarter's end - hopefully making it profitable. 

Whether this and other strategies, will work is yet to be seen but if it pays off their delivery logistics can expect a boost in volume. 

The latest development comes from one existing customer messaging Elon Musk on Twitter on Friday. This happy Tesla owner came up with an interesting and very generous offer for the company.

Elon Musk seemed to take to the idea and promptly replied with an interesting invitation.

Using existing customer volunteers is not sustainable for Tesla

It will be interesting to see just how many existing owners actually turn up to help.

At present, new Tesla customers are provided with a quick tour of their new purchase as well as a formal quality check and signing of handover paperwork. They are also provided with a short presentation on how to use their new car.

Clearly, the first two steps will need to stay in-house but the presentation could conceivably be provided by volunteer owners. Obviously, the car's safety feature orientation should also be provided by trained employees but everything else is fair game.


With Tesla on a drive to increase sales and reduce handover to around 5-10 minutes, this could shave off some time for Tesla's employees. Plus having existing happy customers available for questions will certainly be appreciated.

As interesting a development as this is, it clearly is not a long-term strategy for the company. Tesla will need to find some way to support increased delivery demand whilst simultaneously maintaining a premium delivery service for customers.