Tesla Recruiting 'Ace Engineers' for Giga Berlin, Elon Musk Will Interview Candidates

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If you are interested in working for Tesla's Gigafactory, now is your chance. In a tweet Thursday morning, Elon Musk stated to his followers that Giga Berlin is recruiting.

However, that is only half of it. If you are a fan of Musk and his work, the selected interviewees will get the rare opportunity to meet with the Tesla founder during the interview process. "Recruiting ace engineers for Giga Berlin! Will interview in person tomorrow on site. Send resume to" says Musk. 

For the uninitiated, Giga-Berlin has been described as the electric automaker's most advanced Gigafactory yet. As part of the companies goal to move the world to sustainable energy through "increasingly affordable electric vehicles and energy products," the Tesla Gigafactory was born.

The Gigafactories helps Tesla meet production demand by producing electric motors and battery packs for vehicles as well as other Tesla energy storage products like Powerwall and the Powerpack. 

Tesla gives aspiring candidates a little insight into what it is like work at the Giga-Berlin facility by stating on their page, "Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg will be an ideal work environment with modern and sustainable features."

"Situated in the municipality of Grünheide and its natural surroundings, an extensive infrastructure of bicycle ways, roads and highways, direct train connections as well as close to the new international airport BER will ensure convenient accessibility, from the vibrant city of Berlin nearby and to the broader region of Germany and Europe."

Upon tweeting the job opportunity, Musk was flooded with a wide array of tweets from fans, critics, and everything in between, with the occasional hilarious tweet on the side. Regardless, it is an exciting opportunity for any engineer out there.


Will you be applying? 

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