Tested Uses a 3D Printer to Perfectly Create a Sith Lightsaber

Tested Uses a 3D Printer to Perfectly Create a Sith Lightsaber

3D printers are getting cheaper and cheaper, and now almost anyone willing to spend 100 dollars can get their hands on some form of 3D printing device. With all of this mass availability hitting the 3D printer market, countless plans and designs for cool toys and gadgets are being open sourced for people to use. Tested, a media company from ex-Mythbuster Adam Savage, has helped to create a sith lightsaber and they are releasing all of the plans for anyone to build and modify. Check out the project in the video below.

The maker behind this project got his inspiration from old camera parts, which is actually what the original prop makers used for the movie. In the video above, the crew used the FormLabs Form 2 printer, which is admittedly above most everyone's budget. But don't worry, the plans that are being released will be able to be used on whatever 3D printer you have, assuming the printed bed is large enough for specific parts. The plans aren't quite released yet, but Tested will be coming out with another video showing the build process and linking the plans there.

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