The E-Tron GT Has a Unique Sound: Here's How Audi Made It

EV cars in particular require a thrum as they tend to be eerily quiet.

If the E-Tron GT wasn't impressive looking enough, you will be happy to know it also comes with a unique sound. In an interview with Autoblog, Audi explained the lengthy process the firm went through to conceive that thrum.


"In principle, the sound of a car has much in common with music,” Audi's Rudolf Halbmeir told Autoblog. "To find the basis for the sound of the E-Tron GT, I tried all sorts of instruments – from the violin to the electric guitar all the way to the didgeridoo, a wind instrument from Australia. But none of them were really suitable. Then I came across a piece of plastic pipe lying in the garden, it was 9.8 ft (3 mt) long and had a cross-section of 3.1 in (80 mm). I attached a fan at one end and listened to the sound coming out the other end. It was a very specific, deep growl – and I knew straight away that I had discovered the foundation of the sound."

Sound is crucial to all cars but it is particularly important for electric cars that tend to make almost no noise at all. Without the added pleasant sound, all you would hear would be wind or tire noise which is inherently displeasing.

That's why Audi dedicated such a thorough process to finding just the right sound. The final product consists of no less than 32 individual sound elements.

The company also had to make sure the noise was something people could tolerate on a daily basis. Some sounds are pleasing in short bursts but can become tiresome in the long run.

Still, if you happen to love the E-Tron G but hate the sound, you need not worry. The noise can be completely turned off. Now, if only we could actually afford the car!

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