The Most Thrilling Long Range E-Bike on the Market is Here

This new electric bicycle is loaded with modern tech and built with premium materials.

Electric Vehicles are generating a lot of hype right now and for good reason.

They’re zippy,  environmentally friendly, have decent travel ranges, and can be easily plugged in and recharged overnight at home. So it’s no surprise why Electric Vehicles over the last decade have become increasingly popular and sought after way to travel and commute.

As the popularity of electric transportation soars, companies find new and innovative ways to ensure that the batteries powering them become more efficient, lightweight and compact. In fact, battery technology has progressed to the point where batteries capable of powering motors can be fitted onto bicycles, and that’s where the FUELL Fluid E-Bike comes in. 

Bike lovers and outdoor enthusiasts have something to be excited about again. The FUELL Fluid by FUELL Inc. is a new electric bicycle loaded with modern tech and built with premium materials.

But before we get into that, it’s important to know who is behind the FUELL FLUID and it is none other than Erik Buell, a world-renowned and legendary pioneer with 40 years of engineering experience in the motorcycle industry. His contributions to the motorcycle industry were formally recognized when he was inducted into the American Motorcyclists Hall of Fame in 2002

Let's break it down: Looking at the FUELL Fluid, it’s evident that Erik’s knowledge on two-wheelers have transferred over to his new passion project because this bike is packed with new technology and specced out with reliability and long-range travel in mind.

The FUELL FLUID E-Bike has loads of features but it’s most distinguishable and impressive one is it’s exceptional 200 kilometers estimated travel range, making it the ideal candidate to cruise around town (and dodge traffic) with.

The Most Thrilling Long Range E-Bike on the Market is Here
Source: FUELL Inc.

That 200 kilometers estimated travel range is accomplished through the use of two 504Wh batteries for a total capacity of 1008Wh, which are seamlessly integrated into the FUELL FLUID’s durable and sturdy custom-aluminum-alloy frame. The batteries are easy to remove and simple to charge, reaching 80% of its charge within 2.5 hours and a full charge at 5. 

The Most Thrilling Long Range E-Bike on the Market is Here
Source: Mathieu Hubert/FUELL Inc.

If battery technology evolves, the batteries that power the e-bike can be upgradeable granting the FUELL Fluid all the benefits of a better battery, like an extended travel range or top speed. The bike also has an informative 3.2 inch IPS color screen that sits neatly on top of the handlebars and displays important information to the rider like, speed, distance traveled, remaining battery life, and 5 configurable motor assist settings. 

The Most Thrilling Long Range E-Bike on the Market is Here
Source: Mathieu Hubert/FUELL Inc.

The 5 configurable settings for the e-bike offer varying levels of assistance and power as you pedal. The motor powering the FUELL Fluid E-Bike is a mid-drive bofeili 500W, giving the bike a healthy 100Nm of torque that provides riders an exhilarating acceleration, and gives the bike a top speed of 32 kph.

The E-bike comes specced with a Gates Carbon Belt Drive system and a Shimano 8 speed geared hub to make the bike virtually maintenance-free, and with an adjustable suspension for ride quality control and a hydraulic brake system for excellent stopping power. 

The Most Thrilling Long Range E-Bike on the Market is Here
Source: Mathieu Hubert/FUELL Inc.


All of these features stack up making the FUELL Fluid E-bike one the best two-wheeled creations to come from Erik Buell. Because this bike isn’t just offering a viable way to zip around town.

The FUELL Fluid is nothing short of an amazing experience. The campaign for the FUELL Fluid is currently live, has already reached the production stage. Shipment and deliveries are on time and scheduled for late September, making now the perfect time to place an order.

With production underway, don't miss the opportunity to get Fuell Fluid with 30% retail price OFF on Indiegogo.

About the author: Tatevik Bijoyan is a content creator of crowdfunding industry news and insights with a beaming 5 years of experience! A professional generalist able to write on any subject in the “brand voice.” Claims to be dedicated to changing the Crowdfunding news industry for the better.

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