The Previous Owner Still Received Updates after Returning 'Smart' Lightbulbs

He even received the new owner's home address, email, and name.

Many 'smart' contraptions are fantastic. Think of how easily Alexa can automatically set a timer just at the sound of your voice while your potatoes roast in the oven. Your smartphone has undoubtedly become an extra limb, assisting you in almost everything that you do. However, when these smart items don't function correctly, or at your will, they become quite problematic. 

After returning his Philips Hue 'smart' lightbulbs, a man discovered that he could still, in fact, control them — even though a new owner had bought them and had started using them.


What happened to the 'smart' lightbulbs?

Americablog editor, John Aravosis, found out that even after he had returned his Philips Hue smart lightbulbs to Amazon, he could still control them. At that point, they were already installed in someone else's home.

When the new owner of the bulbs, Amanda Jean, switched on her new and shiny lightbulbs, Aravosis received notifications about their usage. He, in fact, received such detailed updates that he found her address, her email, and her name. 

Luckily here, Aravosis said on his Twitter account, "Because I’m a nice guy, I deleted my account, which I’m hoping didn’t just delete her account."

Just imagine the information in the hands of someone with nefarious intentions and what they might do with it.

What are Philips Hue 'smart' lightbulbs?

Philips Hue produces special 'smart' lighting and bulbs. And what do these lightbulbs do, that's out of the ordinary? They change color and lighting instantaneously — to 16 million different variations.

The Previous Owner Still Received Updates after Returning 'Smart' Lightbulbs
A Philips Hue smart lightbulb. Source: Philips Hue

There are three different lightbulb color shades to choose from — White, White ambiance, and White and Color ambiance — and then it's all done at the flick of a switch. Coming in all shapes, forms, and sizes, the bulbs can fit every type of fitting. 


It's a pretty neat ambiance creator, but we'd rather not give out our personal information, whereabouts or our address, without our permission first. 

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