These Action Cams Offer GoPro Quality at a Fraction of the Price

Document your winter adventures in 4K brilliance.

Everyone loves the GoPro. And why shouldn’t they? The famed action cams can be strapped or mounted to practically anything that moves, and capture stunning HD footage on-the-go. There’s just one problem: They’re incredibly expensive.

These XtremePro 4K Ultra HD Action Cams, on the other hand, can deliver similar quality, resilience, and mounting capabilities as some of the most popular GoPro’s on the market, and they’re available for just $69.99—a fraction of what a GoPro will cost you.

Featuring 4K HD video capture, a 170º wide angle lens, 2” LCD screen, and a variety of accessories and mounts that allow you to record practically anything from anywhere, these intrepid devices have upended the action cam market by combining incredible quality with true affordability.

They’re perfect for the adventurer or rising action star on your holiday list (since they can be attached to a car, bike, helmet, etc.), and feature 12 MP still photo resolution, so you can extract the very best and most crystal-clear shots from any daring exploit.

There’s built-in WiFi and a companion app so you can mirror the action on your smartphone, and the waterproof casing means you can take these cams up to 98 feet below the ocean’s surface. There’s even a wireless wrist remote that lets you remotely snap HD pictures from up to 33 feet away—a feature that can come in handy when you just have to capture that up-close snap of an alligator’s jaw.

Give your favorite adventurer (or yourself) the power of an HD action cam without breaking the bank. These XtremePro 4K Ultra HD Action Cams are available for $69.99—over 50% off—for a limited time.

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