These Discreet Earplugs Protect Your Hearing Without Muffling Sound

Unlike traditional foam earplugs, these minimalist plugs utilize specially-designed tubes that balance incoming sound frequencies.

Although it can be easy to forget, the most valuable things you possess are not your smartphone and your car—they’re your senses. Yet far too many people are surprisingly indifferent when it comes to preserving their hearing, which can deteriorate quickly if you’re not careful.

We’re the first to admit that wearing giant, over-ear protective headphones at a concert isn’t very cool, but neither is going deaf. These effortlessly discreet Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs protect your hearing without muffling the incoming sound, and they’re currently available for 25% off at $17.99.

Ideal for concerts and sporting events, but equally suited for anyone who wants to protect their ears in virtually any loud environment, these tiny-yet-mighty earplugs are a must-have for anyone who values both detailed sonics and their hearing.

In addition to lowering the overall decibel level of your environment by roughly 22dB, these Hi-Fi earplugs actually enhance the sound clarity of the incoming waves—meaning you’ll be protecting your ears while enjoying a more fulfilling listening experience.


Unlike traditional foam earplugs or over-ear headphones, Vibes earplugs utilize specially-designed tubes that balance sound frequencies while boosting areas of the spectrum that are lacking.

You’ll be able to reuse these earplugs a virtually limitless number of times thanks to washable ear tips and keep them in place for extended periods of time thanks to a supremely durable and comfortable design. They even come with a handy pocket-sized hard case for easy storage.

And don’t worry about losing cool points at a music festival, since the uniquely minimalist design of these plugs means that they are barely visible.

Protect your hearing while actually enhancing the quality of incoming sound with these discrete Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs for just $17.99—25% off their usual price.

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