These Unique Lollipops Are Designed Like the Planets In Our Solar System

Modeled after your favorite planets, these lollipops come in a rich variety of flavors—including melon, blackberry, guava, green apple, cotton candy, and watermelon.

When it comes to candy, the humble lollipop still reigns supreme as a truly timeless classic that refuses to go out of style. It’s been shaped into countless different forms, flavors, and sizes over the decades that it’s been in existence, and one would be excused for believing that there are simply no more exciting possible lollipop iterations to behold.

One would be wrong, however. Feast your eyes and mouth upon the new line of Sparko Sweets Galaxy Lollipops—seriously tasty treats that defy earthly conventions and deliver stunning views of all your favorite planets. And right now a ten-pack is available for over 10% off at $22.

Whoever said you need an expensive telescope to enjoy the wonders of the galaxy clearly never encountered these lollipops. With a rich variety of flavors—including melon, blackberry, guava, green apple, cotton candy, and watermelon—these extraterrestrial pops are designed after the planets in our solar system.

Ideal for space enthusiasts but equally well-suited for anyone who loves a great piece of awesome-looking candy, these pops are individually wrapped and come in styles inspired by the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. And for those of you who were up in arms about Pluto losing its planet classification in 2006, you’ll be able to fight the unjust classification system with the included Pluto pop.

They’re crafted by space-loving candy enthusiasts in Los Angeles, California and are delivered to your door in a specialized gift box featuring Sweets' signature space foil packaging.

Sparko Sweets also makes lollipops inspired by everything from the cosmos and supernovas to giant nebulas—so you can rest assured you’ll be able to find something to indulge your universe cravings.

Treat yourself to a lollipop that’s truly out of this world with a ten-pack of Sparko Sweets Galaxy Lollipops for just $22—over 10% off its usual price.

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