This 70-Hour Computer Science Bundle Will Teach You the Fundamentals of Programming

Regardless of where your primary tech interests lie, having a solid understanding of today's most relied-upon computer science languages and programs is essential.

Computer science is without a doubt one of the most—if not the most—important subjects in the modern world. From programming surgical robots through Artificial Intelligence algorithms to developing self-driving cars and beyond, computer science is the driving force behind an increasingly large number of technological innovations.

So it should go without saying that the most essential and high-paying careers of both today and the future belong to those who understand how computer science works, and how to work with the various programming languages and platforms that drive the most advanced technology on Earth.

With eight courses and more than 70 hours of content, the Complete Computer Science Bundle will give you a full-fledged computer science education for a tiny fraction of what you’d pay for a traditional course, at just $39.

Whether you’re primarily interested in developing websites or creating digital art, this bundle introduces you to the most prominent technologies and applications used by professionals across the entire computer science industry.

There’s a course that highlights both the fundamentals and advanced elements of C Programming, through hands-on examples that teach you about loops, statements, strings and more. You'll get up and running with Java through instruction that focusses on building everything from online games to chat platforms. You'll master the fundamentals of data organization and manipulation, and much more.

You’ll even learn everything there is to know about Python—one of the most powerful, dynamic, and in-demand programming languages in tech—by applying advanced coding principles and machine learning techniques to websites and original apps.

Get the tools you need to become a high-payed computer science engineer without spending thousands of dollars on a traditional and outdated education. The Complete Computer Science Bundle is available for over 85% off at just $39.

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