This 78-Hour Bundle Will Give You A Complete Computer Science Education

Learn C, Java, SQL, Python and more with this 8-course bundle.

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on data-driven analysis, algorithms, and networking, demand for computer scientists in a wide range of industries is growing exponentially. And you don't need to invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in a traditional computer science education to get the skills you need to become competitive in the field. The Complete Computer Science Bundle will get you up to speed with the latest and most in-demand programming languages for just $39.

With eight courses and over 78 hours of content, this bundle is the ultimate primer for anyone interested in the exciting and lucrative world of computer programming. You'll master essential programming languages like C and SQL (the most popular data-handling language on Earth), while learning how to connect physical objects to the web with the popular microprocessor, Raspberry Pi. 

Start down the path toward becoming a successful computer scientist and programmer today with The Complete Computer Science Bundle—on sale for over 85% off at just $39.


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