This All-In-One Device Is a Must-Have for Any Emergency Kit

The effortlessly portable 1TAC Safety Charge combines a radio, flashlight, charger, and siren.

It’s not just the Boy Scouts who need to be prepared for whatever life may throw at them. Whether you spend most of your days camping in the unrelenting wilderness or confined to the relative safety of your own cozy home, having a well-stocked and fully functional Emergency Kit is essential.

But most reasonable people are understandably wary of lugging around a cumbersome and unwieldy emergency kit, and the most portable options often lack the functionality that’s required of them in the first place.

The 1TAC Safety Charge is an ultra-portable, all-in-one emergency kit that combines a radio, flashlight, charger, and siren, and it’s currently available for over 15% off at just $44.99.

With the 1TAC by your side, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be prepared for virtually any environmental hardship the world throws at you.

The flashlight’s powerful beam is wide enough to navigate through the darkest of disasters, and an emergency siren helps make your location known to potential rescuers. There’s also a built-in FM radio to keep you dialed into to the rest of the world, and you’ll be able to keep your devices fully charged via a USB connection.

And most importantly, the 1TAC’s 3.7V lithium battery is practically incapable of running out of juice, thanks to a simple hand crank on the side that allows you to keep the power running at all times, even if you're connected to other devices through the USB port.

The 1TAC is also supremely durable and weather-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about taking it with you on your more treacherous expeditions.

Ensure you’re prepared for any emergency with the 1TAC Safety Charge for just $44.99—over 15% off its usual price.

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