This App Both Protects Your Data And Improves Your Browsing Speed

Unlike most VPNs that offer subpar security and limit your browsing speed, Disconnect offers state-of-the-art encryption and uses minimal bandwidth.

Thanks to the ever-increasing ingenuity of nefarious hackers, the Internet has become an exceedingly dangerous place. Countless people have their computers or smartphones infiltrated every day, and with just a few lines of code hackers can walk away with your banking information, passwords, browsing history, and more.

The most effective way to prevent these attacks is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) every time you browse. These apps disguise your IP and act as the frontline of protection against hackers and prying eyes.

But not all VPNs were created equal. Disconnect is one of the most effective and powerful VPNs available, and right now a Lifetime Premium Subscription is on sale for just $49.

Unlike most VPNs that offer security at the expense of browsing speed, Disconnect actually lets you browse up to 44% faster and uses up to 39% less bandwidth—meaning you’ll be able to get more done and improve your device’s battery life to boot.

Disconnect effortlessly blocks unwanted tracking requests and ads, keeps your data safe from hackers and snooping corporations, and even ensures that government entities won’t have access to your most sensitive information or browsing history.

You’ll enjoy state-of-the-art encryption technology that completely masks your computer’s location (even if you’re on public WiFi), along with unfiltered access to Disconnect’s renowned device-tracking services.

Disconnect even lets you bypass those obnoxious content filters when you travel overseas—meaning you’ll be able to stay up to date with work or your favorite shows.

Don’t sacrifice browsing speed for security. A Lifetime Premium Subscription to Disconnect is available for 90% off at just $49.

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