This Bundle Will Show You How to Program Machine Learning Algorithms With Python

This training bundle includes e-books and courses to get you familiar with Python programming and AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer merely the subject of science fiction novels. Heavily relied upon in a growing number of industries including medicine and finance, AI is completely redefining our relationship with technology and changing the way we live our lives.

Machine learning — the field of computer science that brings artificial intelligence to life by programming machines to “think” for themselves — is, therefore, one of the most important subjects to master if you plan on landing lucrative career anytime in the near or distant future. The Machine Learning with Python Course and E-Book Bundle breaks down what can often be a complicated and intimidating subject into five easy-to-understand courses and four eBooks, and it’s on sale for just $49.

Whether you’re just starting to become interested in technology or you’re an industry pro who wants to become familiar with the increasingly-important fields of AI and machine learning, this bundle has you covered. You’ll start by learning Python — one of the most powerful and intuitive programming languages on earth that blends seamlessly with machine learning and AI technology. With your new programming skills in hand, you’ll dive into subjects like neural networks, big data analysis, human sentimental analysis, automatic differentiation, and much more.

Some modules teach you how to intelligently mine massive data sets (one of the most in-demand skills of the digital age), how to visualize and interpret data and develop powerful analytical models with Python, and how to utilize cutting-edge deep learning algorithms to program machines to carry out countless tasks. There's even a course that teaches you how to work with TensorFlow — the newest and most powerful tool for working with deep learning technologies.

Machine learning is officially reshaping the world in which we live, so don’t miss out on the most lucrative and exciting jobs of the future because you lack the skills to work with the right technology. The Machine Learning with Python Course and E-Book Bundle will teach you everything you need to know for just $49 — over 90% off its usual price.

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