This CAD Software Helps You Create Stunning 3D Models And Designs

As the gold standard for designers and landscapers, this award-winning software lets you perfectly build and visualize any construction project or renovation.

Some pieces of software are so ubiquitous within an industry that they’ve become almost synonymous with the field itself. Photoshop dominates the world of visual design, ProTools can be found in every recording studio, and Ashampoo 3D CAD can be found on the hard drives of professional designers, draftsmen, and landscapers.

The latest iteration of this award-winning software—Ashampoo 3D CAD Professional 6—is packed with new and improved features that help streamline the entire design process from start to finish, and it’s currently available for 90% off at $29.99.

Creating realistic and nuanced visualizations of what a design project will actually look like when it's done is one of the most challenging aspects of the job. Ashampoo Professional 6 lets you build ultra-precise, technical models of any design project, so you can share them with contractors, clients, or other designers.

You’ll be able to load and edit a wide range of 3D objects or pull up generic and brand-specific models, plan advanced photovoltaic systems in minutes with input aids, analyze and craft any surface including walls and ceilings, and mirror 3D and 2D objects to ensure that there are no discrepancies when it comes to fit or style.

Ashampoo Professional 6 also lets you explore and implement real-world building materials and colors, so that everything you see in your design will match the finished product later on.

If you’re looking to expand you Ashampoo toolkit, check out the Ultimate Home Improvement Software Bundle, which combines a family license for Ashampoo Professional 6 with an office catalog extension and kitchen catalog extension—each of which adds new layers of functionality to these specific design scenarios.


Create professional designs of any space with Ashampoo 3D CAD Professional 6 for just $29.99—90% off its usual price. Or you can add even more detail to your office or kitchen designs with the Ultimate Home Improvement Software Bundle for only $19.99.

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