This Clip-On Device Makes Learning the Guitar Fun and Easy

The FRETX Smart Guitar Learning Device can help you learn guitar on your own time, without the need for an instructor.

Learning a new instrument is a daunting experience. Your hopes and dreams of sounding like your favorite musician are quickly eradicated as your friends and family cringe at every wrong note played, and staying motivated enough to push through to the point where you can actually sound somewhat decent seems as tricky as staying motivated during a triathlon.

This can be especially true when it comes to the guitar, which has turned some of the most enthusiastic would-be guitarists into bitter and defeated recorder-players overnight. It’s this sad truth that led to the creation of the FRETX Smart Guitar Learning Device—a brilliantly simple yet useful tool that makes learning the guitar surprisingly easy and incredibly fun—and it’s currently on sale for just $69.99.

Unlike most guitar-learning tools and tactics that seem more confusing than the instrument itself, the FRETX is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Built for both right- and left-handed players and compatible with any electric or acoustic guitar, the FRETX attaches to the guitar’s frets and uses easy-to-see lights to show you where to put your fingers while playing different chords.

You’ll be able to control the FRETX with a free app that works on both iOS and Android, get direct feedback on how you’re playing and where you can improve, and even share exercises with your teacher or other students so you can enjoy the support of other aspiring guitarists.

No more scrambling to find the proper fingering and torturing your friends and family in the process. No more trying to decipher different chord patterns from sheet music. The FRETX Smart Guitar Learning Device makes learning the guitar fun and straightforward, and it’s on sale for over 35% off at just $69.99.

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