This Creepy Robot Inserts, Removes Contact Lenses With Voice Command

This could put an end to your misery meddling with your contact lenses every day.

Changing lenses every day? People with impaired vision indeed know the struggle. Using lenses the first time and getting accustomed to inserting and taking them out is a long, staging process. And this local engineer from South Florida had decided to put an end to this, inventing a robot that deals with the process instead of you. 

Craig Hershoff, the inventor of this machine, who also suffers from vision problems created his mechanism in a way that works with voice command. Meaning that all you've got to do is bend down to the machine, stand close, and wait for that tiny disturbing robotic arm to work on your eye. 


The mechanism was trialed on elderly people who have disabilities involving dexterity, Hershoff told WPLG Local 10. "They all appreciated how well it works" he continued.

The robot is currently going for a pre-testing in Boston and Hershoff hopes that the Food and Drug Administration declares the approval by next year. If it all goes according to the plan, people having difficulty with inserting and removing contact lenses will have a better-qualified routine on a daily basis, for sure.

The robot expectedly will do a better job at removing and inserting scleral contact lenses, which covers the whole sclera and creates a tear-filled vault over the cornea. Scleral lenses, in general, are for people who are not advised to use regular lenses due to having irregular eye corners and dry, hard-to-fit eyes.

The cutting-edge field of medical technology is taking giant leaps every day, coming out with fast and incredible products such as these contact lenses that zoom in when the user blinks twice. However, the recent invention from Florida has proven that some people might have trouble putting on regular lenses, let alone being provided with a better vision or adapting to smart zooming lenses.  

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