This Face Mask Expertly Protects Against Airborne Contaminants

CompressMax Air™ Face Mask provides five layers of protection against harmful airborne particles.

In the time of COVID-19, masks have taken on a whole new meaning. They provide a means to venture out into the world safer. But not all masks are created equal.

Introducing the CompressMax Air™ Face Mask. This special mask is expertly designed to protect you from airborne contaminants.

It features dual respiration valves that provide comfortable breathing by reducing heat and moisture build-up within the mask. For extra comfort, it has an adjustable nose clip that allows you to shape the mask to your individual face.

Meanwhile, velcro straps make it simple and easy to adjust the sizing of the mask while non-slip ear straps ensure the mask won't slip off while running, biking, and more. Last but not least, the mask has a removable and washable PM2.5 filter with 5 layers of protection against harmful airborne particles.

Don't wait any longer. Protect yourself with this expert mask now for just $19.99 — over 33% off its usual price. 

Prices are subject to change.

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