This Ferrofluid Lava Lamp Is the Perfect Desk Accessory

You'd be excused for dismissing the lava lamp as a relic of the past, but this magnetically-controlled ferrofluid lamp has changed the game.

Let’s be honest. Although the lava lamp enjoyed Beatles-level popularity in the 70s and 80s, their cool factor dropped exponentially in the 90s and virtually flatlined at the turn of the 21st century. Invented by the British accountant Edward Craven-Walker as a way to cope with the mind-numbing monotony of everyday life, these mesmerizing desk devices were all but forgotten—until now.

The innovative and intrepid creators at Inspired Designs have created a lava lamp so fresh, so mesmerizing, and so interactive, that it’s impossible not to fall in love with. The Ferrofluid Lava Lamp has officially made lava lamps awesome again, and it’s on sale for just $79.99.

The Ferrofluid Lava Lamp’s uniqueness stems from several features, but perhaps the most noticeable is the fact that it’s completely interactive. The transparent lamp is filled with magnetic fluid—ferrofluid to be exact—that reacts to user-held magnets.

You can easily push, pull, and drag the ferrofluid around its glass enclosure—creating new, mystifying shapes and patterns as you go. As with any skill, practice makes perfect, and the more you interact with the Ferrofluid Lava Lamp, the easier it becomes to create jaw-dropping designs that are sure to floor even the most skeptical party guest.

Of course all the standard and expected lava lamp attributes are found in this lamp as well, so if you’re feeling lazy you can just sit back and watch the ferrofluid traverse its cylindrical container all on its own whenever you turn on the light.

Find out for yourself why this Kickstarter favorite has earned rave reviews from users and tech critics alike—it’s on sale for over 45% off at just $79.99.

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