This In-Depth Training Bundle Will Get You Up and Running with the Raspberry Pi

From creating home automators and robots to clones of the Amazon Echo, practically no electronics projects is out of reach with the Raspberry Pi.

The democratization of modern technology and education has made it remarkably easy for everyday people to create incredible machines. The Internet of Things revolution has ushered in a new era in which people can create fully-functional robots, home automation systems, and even entire computers from the comfort of their living room.

Nothing has embodied this revolution like the legendary Raspberry Pi—a small, affordable, and powerful computer that can be used to create a practically limitless number of electronics products. The Complete Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle has everything you need to start working with this game-changing device, and the entire bundle is on sale for 95% off at just $19.

With four courses and over 195 lessons, this bundle will get you up and running with the Raspberry Pi regardless of your previous experience with electronics or programming.

After a compressive introduction to the basic hardware and functionality of the Raspberry Pi, you’ll quickly start learning how to build your very own Amazon Echo clone, how to build circuits with LED lights, how to create your own unique gaming system, how to create a remotely-controlled AC appliance, and much more.

This bundle takes a hands-on approach to learning, meaning that seemingly intimidating concepts and ideas are broken down into easily-understood segments that are applicable to a wide range of functions outside of the current project you’re working on.

There’s also instruction that shows you how to implement Python—one of the world’s most versatile programming languages—into your projects for added levels of control.

Start creating with the Raspberry Pi with help from the Complete Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle for just $19—95% off its usual price.

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