This Innovative Baby Monitor Utilizes Artificial Intelligence

It's taken a long time for the baby monitor to catch up with modern technology, but the Invidyo is here to fill the gap.

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Ever since its inception roughly eighty years ago, the baby monitor has made life infinitely easier for parents and babysitters alike. But the baby monitor’s core technology has changed surprisingly little since its humble origin in the middle of the 20th century, especially given the swift pace at which other electronic tools have caught up with modern technology.

The intrepid creators of the Invidyo video monitor saw this unacceptable gap between the monitor and modern technology and abruptly filled it, by creating the world’s first baby monitor to utilize Artificial Intelligence. And right now the world’s smartest video monitor is on sale for over 30% off its usual price at just $169.

The Invidyo offers you unparalleled engagement with your child, even when you’re far away. Featuring an intelligent video monitor and facial recognition technology, this pioneering monitor snaps a photo of your child every time he or she smiles and automatically compiles the most important moments into a 2-minute daily highlight clip.

You’ll be able to relive your child’s most important moments at the end of each day, save them to a private (or shareable) Smile Photo Album, and keep an eye on your child even in the dark, thanks to an advanced night vision feature.

The Invidyo’s facial recognition technology also lets you label familiar faces and receive notifications if any unwelcome stranger is nearby. You’ll be able to receive notifications for noise, motion, smoke, decreased air quality, and temperature changes in the room, and even communicate with anyone in the area through a simple mobile app.

Protect your child from a distance while capturing their most precious moments with the Invidyo video monitor—on sale for over 30% off at $169.

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