This Is How Scientists Reacted to the First Ever Black Hole Image

The event took the world by storm and the scientific community responded.

Yesterday, scientists working with the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) released the first ever image of a black hole's event horizon. The news was met with much excitement around the world.


Here we compiled the reactions of the scientific community to the never-before-seen image. 

1. Neil de Grasse Tyson reminded people about global warming

The famed astrophysicist took the time to remind people that scientists should be taken seriously all the time whether they are releasing fun or worrisome news.

2. Bill Nye, the science guy, was impressed

The popular mechanical engineer shared the news with the simple caption: "How can we see a star that gives off no light of its own? Take a look."

3. Brian Greene reminded people of Einstein's equation

The physicist was tweeting about the event the day before. "Most exciting possibility: The image does not fully agree with the prediction from Einstein's general relativity, perhaps forcing us to modify Einstein's equations," had written the scientist. Impressively, Einstein's equation held up.

4. Astronaut Tim Peake marveled at the achievement

ESA astronaut and test pilot Tim Peake took the opportunity to remind us that the black hole was 6.5 billion times more massive than our Sun.

 5. Robbert Dijkgraaf reminded us that history was made

The Director and Leon Levy Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton Robbert Dijkgraaf reminded everyone that this was a truly historic event. 

6. Janna Levin was amazed

The astrophysicist and author could not hold back her excitement. "Wow people. Wow," she wrote.

7. Brian Wecht was inspired

The theoretical physicist shared what got him interested in science as a child, and it turns out it is events like this.

8. Katie Mack shared more useful info

The astrophysicist and cosmologist shared some more useful info on the event analyzing every aspect of it. The thread is definitely worth a read.

9. Derek Muller made an educated guess about the image

Veritasium's Muller had already attempted to guess what the black hole might look like and he got pretty close.

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