This Land-Roving Drone Streams Video to Your Smartphone

Who said drones have to be confined to the skies? The Parrot Jumping Race Mini Drone can leap over two feet into the air and turn on a dime.

The drone revolution is finally here, and thankfully it is not as terrifying as most people imagined it would be (at least not yet). Instead of cyborgs infiltrating our cities with red LED eyes and automatic weapons, we have friendly drones that can fly, explore the faraway terrain, and even pull off impressive aeronautic stunts—all while sending images of their pursuits back to our smartphones.

And while you may have already experimented with one of the countless flying drones that have flooded the market, you’ve never seen anything like this Parrot Jumping Race Mini Drone, which races over practically any terrain while performing impressive aerial flips and turns. And right now it’s on sale for over 70% off at $39.99.

Whoever said drones must be confined to the air? This intrepid land-rover can reach speeds of up to eight miles per hour both indoors and outdoors (even on seemingly unmanageable and rugged terrain) and is capable of leaping over 2 feet into the air on your command.


This zippy drone can also turn on a dime, and dodge intimidating obstacles while streaming the video or photo action directly back to your smartphone via an HD embedded camera.

Its ultra-wide, strong-grip tires mean that it works just as well on smooth, indoor surfaces as it does outdoors on rugged terrain, and the tires are fully adjustable—meaning you’ll be able to customize your intrepid drone friend for either speed or agility.

There’s a free flight jumping app that lets you take complete control of your drone’s path, jumps, and turns, and there’s even an embedded speaker that lets you capture the sounds of the action along with your video stream.

The Parrot also boasts a range of 165 feet, so you can rest assured your signal won’t be dropped while you covertly explore and record distant terrains.

Roam free with the Parrot Jumping Race Mini Drone for just $39.99—over 70% off its usual price.


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