This Light-Based Wearable Can Help You Beat Jet Lag

The AYO personal energy system is a unique device that's ideal for frequent travelers.

It’s a frustrating reality that’s plagued humanity for centuries: there’s simply too much to do throughout the day and too little energy to do it. Attempts to combat severe or even mild fatigue with things like caffeine or exercise can be reasonably successful, but in order to feel truly energized and refreshed, you need to keep your body’s natural clock finely tuned, which can be incredibly difficult if you’re a frequent traveler who crosses time zones on a regular basis.

Built primarily for the constant jet-setter but also incredibly useful to people who simply want more energy throughout the day, the AYO: Light-Based Personal Energy System is a simple, wearable device that resets your internal clock on-demand and lets you live your best life. Usually priced at $299, this game-changing gadget is currently on sale for over 30% off at just $199.

Jet lag is bad enough when you’re on vacation, but if you travel frequently for business and need to perform in high-stress situations in a variety of destinations across the globe, it can be truly debilitating. The AYO nips jet lag in the bud by emitting a soft blue light, which you can easily control with the AYO app.

There are smart programs for Sleep, Travel, and Energy—meaning you’ll be able to adjust to virtually any environment—and with a single, 20-minute use you’ll find yourself sleeping more soundly, waking up more refreshed, and being more productive throughout the day, thanks to the ability to adapt to a new time zone up to three times faster.

Don’t let jet lag or even a bad night’s sleep keep you from operating at your best pace. The AYO offers a simple, affordable, and portable solution for just $199—over 30% off its regular price.

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