This Magnetic Toy Lets You Balance a Ball in Thin Air

Part stress reliever, part fidget toy, this set can even be played with friends.

There are toys out there that offer stress relief. Called fidget toys, they provide something fun and inspirational to do with your hands when in need of calming down. But not all such toys are created equal.

The Skill Set toy relies on a rarely know magnetic principle called Lenz’s law to get the most fun out of a unique anti-gravity effect. It's made of aluminum and features a ball that flows in perfectly dynamic action with the toy's tubes.

In fact, one of the first tricks you will learn with this toy is keeping the ball in the air without touching it. This might sound impossible but it can actually be easily achieved by placing the tubes under one and other at the right time before the ball falls out.

For further tricks, you can try keeping the ball in the air with only one tube by pulling it up when the ball is falling through, then catching it. The game can even be played with friends if you decide to give them one of the tubes. It's not only a great stress reliever but it also makes for a nifty conversation starter.

Unleash your creativity with this exciting toy now for $105.97-- over 18% off its usual price. 

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